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Our Mission

Small Wonders Big Ideas Family Center is committed to delivering high quality home based and center based therapeutic services. Children learn and develop best through play experiences therefore our goal is to provide therapeutic services in a play environment that will enable a child to maximize their potential. Our providers have a sincere passion and dedication to a making a difference in the life of a child and their families. Our therapist focus primarily on helping children learn how to stay engaged, to play with peers appropriately, develop their social-emotional capacities, improve their communication skills and also incorporate School-transitions skills into the therapy sessions. Center based services is an excellent opportunity for children to interact with their peers, in a natural and safe enviorment. Home based services are developed with the family to ensure success in their family enviorment. We strongly encourage our families to patricipate therefore they can implement what was achieved in the session and apply it to their daily lives as a result their child may continue to excel. Small Wonders Big Ideas Family Center takes pride in developing great relationships with our families, providing them with an extensive level of parental support.

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