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Our Vision

At the heart of Small Wonders Big Ideas Family Center is our vision to be the best and most admired company in the world in the eyes of our clients, their families, colleagues, and community members. We expect and provide the best we have to offer by always keeping Small Wonders Big Ideas Family Center values in mind:
  • People – a company, any company, is nothing more or less than the people who make it up. We have a shared destiny. We will succeed or fail together.

  • Working – This is about effort. Work. We have a task to do. We are here to provide value to clients, people and to the community.

  • Together – Every organization has forces that try to divide and reduce their impact of the total. The more we can pull together, share knowledge, the stronger we will be. Looking for common soultions to problems, sharing services, are all part of working together.

6046 West 63rd Street | Chicago, IL | 60638 Phone: (773)586-8360 Fax: (630)455-9481